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228 Barber Ct. Milpitas,
CA 95035   Tel: (408)922-0383

Dragon Gate BBQ 龍門串棧

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Located in the Barber Lane Plaza in Milpitas, California, Dragon Gate BBQ offers authentic and affordable Chinese style barbeque. From their lamb shabu skewers to their famous Xinjiang "Mala" spicy broth, your taste buds for Chinese delicacies will surely be satisfied.

store couponThe famous spicy broth comes in many varieties and is simmered and cooked slowly with beef, fish, and chicken bones and over 30 flavorful Chinese herbs. Many dishes are rooted in a rich and deep Chinese heritage such as the Northern style Beijing-noodles and many Western influenced desserts.

Ms. Mong, the owner of Dragon Gate BBQ, also offers a variety of beverages including freshly squeezed juices, sodas, and alcoholic drinks. Regardless if you are old or young, Dragon Gate BBQ is a unique and delicious Chinese culinary treat that your taste buds will not regret!.

Seven days a week:
Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am to 2:00 am. (midnight)

位於Milpitas市Barber Lane Plaza 環球廣場內,以著名的正宗新疆燒烤、烤羊肉串、麻辣燙、 麻辣拌,以及東北滿族八大燉,口味地道風味純正為特色的龍門串棧Dragon Gate BBQ。全新開張以來以其質佳價廉,很快即擄獲許多喜歡品嚐家鄉口味者的好評與青睞。

香濃厚實的麻辣燙湯底,底料考究內以牛骨、 牛蹄、 老母雞、以及魚頭魚骨等多種食材,加上三十多種中草藥。經由小火慢煮後,產生了大量鈣質以及膠原蛋白。麻辣湯底口味濃重,老火湯底相當溫潤順口,老幼皆宜。燙過的食材調和的精華口味層次更加分明濃厚。

東主Ms. Mong 介紹道:本店集合了紅遍大江南北的特色風味小吃,家喻戶曉的新疆燒烤、 麻辣燙、和麻辣拌。口味講究的東北滿族八大燉以及多種北方麵點和飯食,味道十足的東北小涼菜也不可忽視」。

龍門串棧Dragon Gate BBQ食材選擇多樣,地道正宗的家鄉口味必能滿足味蕾。

週1至週日: 上午11:00至凌晨2:00。